Our Impact


ROSEL's List members (then the CVFT) manned the "kitchen cabinet" of Katie Webb Cyphert for her run for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 23 against a long-term Republican incumbent.


ROSEL's List women were again heavily involved in 2014 in the re-election campaign of Joan Foster for City Council, and the first-time campaign of Treney Tweedy, the first African-American woman to run for and win a seat on City Council. This was the first time in the history of the Lynchburg City Council that two women were elected to serve on Council at the same time. Joan Foster was named Mayor and Treney Tweedy Vice Mayor in 2016.


In 2017, a third woman, MaryJane Dolan, with the encouragement and support of ROSEL's List, was elected to serve Ward I on City Council, putting three women on Council for the very first time. In 2018, Treney Tweedy was re-elected, and then named Mayor with MaryJane Dolan named Vice Mayor.