Endorsement of Candidates

ROSEL’s List offers endorsement or distinction for candidates who demonstrate a commitment of support for positions that are tied to our mission and encourage women to take an active role in their community. Candidates should use this form to apply for Endorsement or Distinction from ROSEL's List. Any person who has officially filed to run for public office which would represent all or part of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia may apply. ROSEL's list will only Endorse female candidates. Male candidates my apply for Distinction.

Endorsed candidates will receive an organized "Meet and Greet" with ROSEL's list members. Both Endorsed and Distinguished candidates will be named in an announcement to our membership with encouragement to "get involved" with candidates.

Apply for Endorsement or distinction

Before you apply: please look through the website and understand our mission and positions. Contact a board member if you have questions.